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Ritchey Blog - Getting Kids to Love the Ride

A little coaching wisdom for time with the kiddos and how to share your love for all things bike. 

The Gravel Lot Pod Cast

Rebecca chats  with Jon and Doug about all things bikes, what makes this life special, and vacuum cleaners. 

LEM Announcement!

I'm looking forward to representing the up and coming helmet company LEM to start off the 2019 season! 

Cross Season 2018-2019

I sat down with Cyclocross Magazine to discus my long season of cross racing and the trip over to Europe to see how things are done in the motherland.

An American in Europe

Ritchey USA's European counterpart came out to watch and chat with me at a typical crazy day or racing in Lille, Belgium.  

Haute Route 2018

The Golden Transcript chats with me about my experience at Haute Route, my love for the outdoors, and working with the local GBX junior development program.

Upcoming Breck Epic 2018

Elden from The Paceline chats with JC and I about taking on this August's version of the Breck Epic as a duo representing US Military Endurance Sports. 

Ruts n' Guts 2017

Follow along as I visit the Broken Arrow Elementary school bike club in Oklahoma with local KJRH Channel 2 news!

Adam & Steve's Cyclocross Race 2017

Show up, eat donuts, wear jorts, and race bikes in Hot Springs, AR

Night Weasles Commeth 2017

Thom From DirtWire TV talks travel and podium tea

Breck Epic Stage 3 2017

Eddie Clark Images from Circumnavigation of Mt Guyot on day 3 of the 2017 Breck Epic 

Breck Epic Stage 2 2017

Eddie Clark Images from the Colorado Trail and day 2 of the 2017 Breck Epic 

Breck Epic Stage 1 2017

Eddie Clark Images from Pennsylvania Creek and French Gulch on day 1 of the 2017 Breck Epic 

Vanlife Tour in Dallas with Allen

Allen follows me around for a quick pre race tour of the Adventure Van 

Northampton International 2016

Thom from DirtWire TV discusses race lines at the NOHO international 

Crosstobeer Fest 2016

Thom from Dirtwire TV looks into what makes mid week after dark racing awesome 

Night Weaseles Commeth 2016

Thom from Dirtwire TV explores my thoughts on my first Night Weasels race. 

Breck Epic Stage 4 2016

Eddie Clark Images from The Aqueduct and day 4 of the 2016 Breck Epic

Breck Epic Stage 3 2016

Eddie Clark Images from the Circumnavigation of Mt Guyot and day 3 of the 2016 Breck Epic

Breck Epic Stage 1 2016

Eddie Clark Images from day 1 of the 2016 Breck Epic

Breck Epic Stage 1 2016

Liam Doran images from a fast first day of the 2016 Breck Epic

Crested Butte Fat Bike World Championships 2016

Inaugural Fat bike "world championships" in Crested Butte Colorado 

Beti Bike Bash 2015

Linda Guerrette talks about Beti Bash, a women's only mountain bike race in Colorado 

Jingle Cross 2014

Cold temperatures and hot racing in Iowa

HPCX Day 2 2014

The Vanderkttten girls hit New Jersey with a vengeance 

HPCX Day 1 2014

​The Vanderkttten girls hit New Jersey with a vengeance 

U.S. Open of Cyclocross 2014

Boulder Pro cyclocross racing early in the season for Vanderkitten 

Rapha Super Cross Gloucester 2014

Team Vanderkitten battles the dust and heat on the east coast cyclocross tour 

Battle the Bear 2014

Kicking off mountain bike season with a blast

Cyclocross Masters Nationals Championships 2014

Hot off the finish line from winning the 2014 Cyclocross Masters National Championships USA Cycling chats about how the race came together. 

Cyclocross Masters National Championships 2014

Words and images from Mary Topping about having cyclocross nationals in our Colorado back yard. 

Masters National Championships 2014

Taking charge of the race when it counts to bring home the stars and stripes for the Raleigh/Clement cyclocross team

Cross of the North 2013

Words from Mary Topping on finally taking the top step for a big Colorado race weekend.

Midsummer Night's Cyclocross 2013

9k foot start line and coming back from an early race dropped chain and consequent last place start to seize the Raleigh/Clement cyclocross contract for the upcoming race season. 

Eagle Outside Festival 2013

Pro racing through the sage at the Eagle Outside Festival

Vail Winter Mountain Games 2013

Words and images by Mary Topping on racing the winter mountain games in the snow at Vail 

Collegiate Mountain Bike National Championships 2012

A dominating performance at Collegiate National Championships to take home the gold in short track cross country

12 Hours of Mesa Verde 2012

Everyones family favorite Colorado event of the year is a chance to prove strength and teamwork in Cortez, CO

Masters World Championships 2012

The first American to win a cyclocross World Championship on home soil

Masters World Championships 2012

Masters World Championships in Louisville, KY kicks off with the early morning 30-34 women's race

Colorado State Cyclocross Championships 2011

Colorado State Championships cyclocross in Castle Rock

Adrenalin Cross 2011

Snowy cyclocross fun in Boulder Colorado

Cyclo X Louisville 2011

Epic battle for the top step on a winter morning in Louisville, CO

Westminster Cross 2011

Local racing at it's finest on the Colorado front range

Collegiate Mountain Bike National Championships 2011

Surprise win in the D2 Category short track for The University of Denver

Castle Cross 2011

Colorado Cross racing in Castle Rock, CO

Lookout Cross 2011

Cross Racing with Feedback Sports in Golden, CO 

Monarch Cross 2011

Fast course and good times in Highlands Ranch, CO

Blue Sky Velo Cup 2011

Gorgeous fall racing in Boulder, CO

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