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Rebecca coaches athletes of all levels and abilities, those who race as well as those looking to gain personal performance improvements.  Rebecca has fifteen years of experience in the cycling community as an athlete and coach.  Always excited for a new challenge, Rebecca has spent time in the disciplines of mountain bike, road racing, cyclocross, enduro, marathon, adventure racing, and triathlon.  Rebecca is a multi-time national champion on the mountain bike and in cyclocross and also holds a masters world championship title in the latter. 

Rebecca enjoys working with all types of athletes and with a MA in sport and performance psychology, has the ability to communicate with each athlete in their pursuit of an objective.  Rebecca’s coaching centers on a combination of encouraging personal challenge and reinforcing positive perspectives.  With Rebecca’s extensive racing background she can prepare and embolden each athlete through all stages of an event.


Rebecca has experience working full time while training and racing and is well versed in creating a balance between the athlete and their family or work obligations.  Rebecca’s training plans are unique to each individual and customized to fit the athlete’s specific needs and goals. Rebecca is committed to keeping the training stimulating and workouts can be adjusted to include more or less structure as the athlete desires. 


Rebecca is certified as a USA Cycling Level 2 coach, a TrainingPeaks Level 2 coach, is certified with the National Interscholastic Cycling Association, and the Bike Instructor Certification Program, works extensively with the VIDA MTB skills clinics, the US Military Endurance Sports program, and coaches and a number of junior development programs.  


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Tuscaloosa, AL

"Two and a half years ago I came to a crossroads in my life and knew that if I kept traveling down the same road I would meet an early demise. My life had been in shambles for a long time and I decided I needed to take control of it.


After a 13-year break I decided to swing my leg back over the bike. Once I was back on, a fire started burning in me that I had not felt in a long time. I wanted to race again and I wanted to go big….with the Masters Nationals road race. This time I would do everything the right way and I knew I needed a coach.


I decided to contact my old friend Rebecca to get some advice. Low and behold, she was a coach and she was ready to help.

Over the next 9 months, through her coaching and motivation, she transformed me into a machine; at age 43 I was the strongest I had ever been. I went Nationals and was able to ride with the very best in the country. I am also a regular at the top of the Strava KOMs in my area.

If you want to maximize your potential, Rebecca is the person to take you where you want to go. She is very hands on and knows how to dive into the psyche of an athlete. She will set you up for success."

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